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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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savannah levins. your time is 4:30...3 freezing rain a major concern parts of the northern midlands last night.and it could be another problem for the start of your day today.for the latest let's bring in meteorologist efren afantes. 3
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3 3 you can keep up with the latest on the forecast by going to our website wltx dot com.3 or follow our weatheheteam on
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3 3 online shopping continues to grow in popularity. so now retailers are looking for ways to use technology to improve the in store shopping experience.jill wagner takes a look 3 pepper "hello, i'm pepper, nice to meet you.ill ice to meet you epper... could be coming to a store near you. ow can i help you he robot can tell you where an item is located inside a store. even suggest a jacket or dress that might look good. "this style is complementing to all body shapes."and pepper was just one of the new technologies displayed at the national retail federation expo in new york.natsot his allows you before you make your choice to really see the differences.- michelle tinsley is with intel--- she says the company is using technology to give shoppers all the information they'd find online... while in the physical store. intel video like this interactive food display. motion sensors detect when you're reaching for an item... and then show you
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footprint. onsumers want to be more aware, where is my food coming is even changing ... the way we buy shoes! forget this century old device. nordstrom and intel are testing this digital foot scanner. that gives you a 3 d reading of your foot size, width and arch. vodressing rooms are also getting a makeover. levi's stores will soon allow you to ask for a different style jean or size... with the touch of a button. aking sure customers are getting what they want, when they need it.- it's technology designed to make in-store shopping a lot easier... and maybe even more fun. 3 i fiveill wagner, cbs news, new york. 3 3 you can expect to see many of these new technologies in stores here in the united year. 3 3 we'll see if the markets can end this week better than they
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up some of their massive losses.the dow w 5 points and the nasdaq was flat.low oil prices have been dragging down stocksbut those lower fuel costs are translating into record profits for the airlines.united says it earned 823 million dollars in the last quarter-- compared to just 28 million the year before.southwest and delta also say profits are soaring. 3 chipotle wants to cater your superbowl party.the chain is offering 50 dollar discounts on orders tied to the big's part of chipotle's strategy to win back customers after e coli and norovirus outbreaks last year. 3 3 it's time for a look at the best and worst restaurant scores in the midlands.colby gallagher has a restaurant report card.
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3 3 thank you colby.remember you can see our previous restaurante report cards as well as our golden spatula winners by going to our website w-l-t-x dot com. 3
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recall on some infant car seats sold nationwide. britax is recalling about 71,000 of their b-safe 35 car seats because the carry handle can crack and break which can cause the seat to fall unexpectedly.they have received 74 reports of the handles breaking while in use. the seats were sold nationwide from november 2014 through this month if you have the seat stop using it and contact britax to get a free repair kit.we have their information on our website wltx dot com. 3 there's a boil water advisory in downtown columbia this morning.the city says water customers in the 1200 block of lincoln street ... between gervais and lady streets ... need to boil their water r for one full minute prior drinking it.there was a six inch watermain break ...columbia water crews are on the scene and this could also create some traffic delays.of course...news19 will let you know when this has been lifted.
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3 new data from the c-d-c suggests the number of babies born with their intestines *outside their bodies* has more than doubled over the past eighteen years. the condition is called gas- trtr-ki-sis. about 2-thousand infants in the u-s are born with the dangerous birth defect every year. 3 scientists in italy studying the spread of the flu say *targeted* school closings are best at containing it. researchers found individual and *countywide* closures worked better than nationwide shutdowns to protect students .. minimizing lost school time and money. 3 and researchers at the university of cincinnati say migraines may worsen as women approach menopause.a new study of 36-hundred women suggests changes in hormone levels can trigger cripplg headaches for as many as ten days a month for some women. 3 we now know the line up for this year's st patricks day celebration in five points.... we'll tell you who is set to
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on news 19 this morning. 3 plus...a wintery mix could be a concern for some of you in the midlands today..meterol ogist efren afante has been tracking the storm's very move and has the latsest for us....
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3 the only hospital in barnwell county has closed it's doors.they released a statement ....saying the hospital lost 2 and half million dollars because of a low number of patients and uncompensated care.they say they're working to find alternatives for providing health care but plans have not yet been approved.the hospital has been operating for more than 60 years. 3 residents in winnsboro are trying to stop the walmart there from closing in one week.. tonya trapp works in the liberty tax acrosssshe street from walmart she started the petition to keep the walmart open and has
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signatures.. a walmart spokesman says closing the store wasn't an easy decision. 3 brian nick: 14:57 these were very difficult decisions because there are circumstances in each community, that make them unique and winnsboro is certainly one of those conditions." residents say they plan to rally this weekend in an effort to keep their store open.but walmart says it won't matter ... the store will still close for good next thursday. 3 everyone is bracing for some severe weather in the midlands as the most of the east coast prepares for an intense winter far nothing majojohas happenededut after last year's historic floods no one is taking any this time a state of emergency for south carolina has not been called but emergency management officials do tell us they're monitoring the current weather
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3 3 comi director reggie andserson catches up with former ball coach steve spurrier for the first time since he left the he at peace with his decision? that's in your sports news,
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3 we now know who will be performing at this year's st. pat's in five points. charleston natives drive- by-truckers will be headling..along with shovels and rope, old dominion and the front bottoms. this year's festival will be held on saturday, march 19th. early
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3 more love for ll cool j and one less lawsuit against bill cosby. suzanne marques those stories and more in your eye on entertainment.. 3 (narr:)a federal judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against comedian bill cosby.a pittsburgh-area woman claimed she was branded a liar and extortionist when cobsy and his reps responded to allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted her and other women.the judge ruled those statements are protected under the first amendment.-------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- -------((natsnd applause))(narr:)the hollywood chamber of commerce honored ll cool j thursday with his own star on the hollywood walk of fame.the multi-platinum selling hip hop artist actor producer and host was honored in the recording category.(sot: ll cool j/entertainer):im grateful. this is pretty big for me.(standup suzanne marques, cbs news, los angeles):its a busy time for ll cool j. hes gearing up to host his fifth consecutive grammys awards show next month right here on cbs.--------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------- (narr:)get ready for more memories. a is coming to broadway this summer.the andrew lloyd is one of the longest running shows in
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2000.((nats me/kinetic studios))(narr:)also returning to broadway is a revival of the musical comedy she loves me.its about two bickering co-workers who are unaware that they are each others secret pen pal. jane krakowski co-ars.(sot jane krakowski/actress):we got a lot of hilarious people, and so were having a lot of fun. hopefully that will transpire to the audience who comes to see the show, ultimately.(vo:) previews start next month.thats your eye on entertainment. suzanne marques, cbs news, hollywood. 3 have you ever thought of what you would do if you were faced with an active shooter situation?richland deputies share tips on what you should and shouldn't do....that's coming up. 3 plus, the threat of winter weather cntinues to loom accross the nation and in some parts of the midlands...efren afante has been tracking that and we have a reporter out in the field...we'll bring you
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